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If you have been unhappy with your past treatment or frustrated with the results of “medication only” approaches, consider an evaluation to learn of the variety of psychotherapeutic approaches available which in some cases are superior to medication.

If you suffer from chronic pain or a medical condition resulting in limitations or struggle with a poorly understood physical condition and have felt frustrated, misunderstood or “stuck,” consider an evaluation to explore comprehensive treatment options.

If you have been told you need psychological testing to understand your limitations, or concerns, or if you feel you have not been understood diagnostically, or if you simply would like to understand what is going on with you, consider an evaluation.

For example:

Do you think you have ADHD?

Do you think that you have suffered some damage to your thought process following an accident or particular event?

Are you confused as to the types of symptoms you have? Do you wonder what they mean? Do you wonder to what extent they are treatable.