Chronic Pain

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Helping individuals deal with and cope with chronic pain is an area of specialization and one which calls for a variety of treatment approaches.  Specific approaches such as self-hypnosis can be very helpful as well as understanding the particulars of pain theory.  For chronic pain a multi-faceted treatment approach is often best as opposed to limiting oneself to medical interventions and medications alone.  Complementary and alternative treatment approaches can also at times be very helpful.  Though I personally don’t do these, I have a large group of practitioners that I refer to in order to supplement an individual’s treatment.  Included in my referral base would be acupuncturists, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, energy workers and physical therapists.

Related Evaluations

Some pain conditions may require specific interventional techniques such as a spinal cord stimulator or pain pump. Psychological evaluations are usually required. I routinely provide such evaluations.